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Open for Enrolment March 2021

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What is TBR 3 step rewind?

3 Step Rewind teaches a clear and simple 3 step process that when applied can lift trauma symptoms.

You will gain a thorough understanding of different trauma symptoms from a neurological and experiential perspective.

You will learn how to work safely with traumatised parents.


✔️ being able to offer a safe, gentle and effective process to the traumatised parents that you already support.

✔️ Imagine feeling confident and supported as you learn and practice TBR 3 Step Rewind.

✔️ Imagine being part of an inspiring community of over 350 birth professionals and pre & post natal specialists all committed to making trauma support and treatment accessible.

In this online course you will learn


Who is this course for: HCP, pre & postnatal specialists and birth professionals who work with parents who are experiencing trauma symptoms.

Aims & Objectives: To learn a clear and simple 3 step process that when applied can lift trauma symptoms. To gain a thorough understanding of what trauma symptoms from a neurological and experiential perspective. To know how to work safely with traumatised parents.

How long is the online course? 16 hours, however 3 assessments and participation in supervision is also required.

TBR 3 Step Rewind Online courses enrols twice a year in March and September – Register your interest by clicking the button at the bottom of this box and filling out your details, to receive alerts and early bird price

Cost? £1200 (VAT inc) including supported assessment process, supervision, closed community of students and practitioners. Payment plans available.



What is covered:

💫  A look at the size of the birth trauma problem

💫  Understanding the wider problem of other perinatal traumas such a miscarriage, lengthy IVF journeys, baby loss and childhood trauma

💫  A clear understanding of the long term effects of untreated trauma symptoms on a person’s mental health

💫  The everyday impact of living with trauma symptoms

💫  Being Solution Focused to bring promote natural healing

💫  How the 3 Steps lifts the heavy emotion linked to the traumatic memory

💫  The importance of relaxation and guided visualisation

💫  Practice of the 3 steps, step by step, in pairs via zoom

💫  Working safely and understanding the phenomena of abreaction

💫  Includes a 3 stage assessment process that includes case study.


On successful completion of the TBR 3 Step Rewind course and its assessments students can become recognised TBR practitioners and work with parents who wish to be free of trauma symptoms.

This recognised Practitioner status means that these professionals can be listed on the Find a Practitioner page, access 1-2-1 supervision and refer to themselves as TBR Practitioners.

"Brilliant training. Unbelievable success stories since utilizing this technique in my practice. Thank you so much Alex xx"

Lindsey Hookaway

Co-founder and Clinical Director at Holistic Sleep Coaching

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Benefit from monthly supervision FREE

Small group supervision is available for all students and practitioners with Traumatic Birth Recovery. These online sessions are held once a month and aim to support reflective practice and continued learning and development.

Free web directory listing


website is a resource for parents experiencing trauma and wanting to know more about the symptoms that they maybe experiencing. The directory page offers parents the opportunity to search for a birth professional who offers TBR 3 Step Rewind. Listing is currently free when students have successfully completed all 3 of the required modules/courses. 

Join the Traumatic Birth Recovery community

Join a supportive and inspiring community of over 350 birth professionals globally who have all learnt the skills and techniques that can support the transformation from surviving and thriving for traumatised parents.

"I have worked with a few clients now! I had real faith that it was going to be a wonderful tool to work with, but to be honest it's incredible....the difference I am seeing in people is extraordinary"

Hannah Holcroft

Doula and TBR 3-step practitioner

Key benefits from this course

TBR 3 Step Rewind Practitioners

✔️  are providing accessible, safe and gentle therapeutic intervention to parents who need it most

✔️  are able to offer TBR 3 Step Rewind alongside their other practices

✔️  are able to witness the incredible transformation that is possible with TBR 3 Step Rewind

✔️  are providing a vital support to their communities

Enrolment is open March 2021

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